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American Express GBT launches new tech services & products for 2019

American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) has announced new a series of new technology services and products for 2019.

These include a new benchmarking service, Peer Travel Insights (PTI), that uses analytic capabilities to measure travel programme performance and competitiveness.

The company has also started to apply artificial intelligence to its big data and analytics, to anticipate traveller behaviour. This is used in a recommendation engine on its online booking portal.

GBT has also added a real-time messaging platform to its online booking mobile app, allowing users to have conversations with advisors. Other features include click-to-call and fingerprint login.

GBT’s new Hotel Re-shop Expert will automatically identify rate drops to find and book cheaper hotel rooms.

Lastly, the company has collected all its services into one platform, which it calls the Core Technology Platform (CTP). 

CTP will allow travellers to create a profile, accessing a record of all locations they have visited and where they would like to visit next. 

David Thompson, GBT’s Chief Information Technology Officer, said: “The modern business traveller wants access to all content, they want it personalised and available in every channel. 

“They want to know that someone has their back, and they don’t want to be lumbered with cumbersome processes before, during or post-trip.

“Happy travellers are efficient, productive and generate growth. Our technology investment programme is designed to meet all these expectations.”