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Agency sees demand for ‘deconstructed conferences’

Agency sees demand for ‘deconstructed conferences’

Natalie Allen, key account director, Brands at Work, says the agency is seeing a demand for ‘deconstructed conferences’.

“Ways of working over the past couple of years have changed considerably, and as a result our attention spans and the way we consume content has also changed. We can no longer expect an audience to sit through lengthy presentations for days at a time,” says Allen.

Instead, the agency is seeing a trend for ‘deconstructed conferences’. “This means sessions are split over multiple days, in various formats, allowing the participants to choose the topics which are specific and relevant for them,” she explains.

“It provides a personalised experience where they can tune into bingeable, meaningful content, rather than taking more time out of their schedule to attend a full day conference,” she adds.

According to Allen, for a deconstructed conference, the format of the sessions is also important.

She says the agency avoids traditional presentation styles, and instead opts for “engaging and interactive workshops where the audience truly get to have an opinion - not only listening to content but helping to curate it too.”