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World Indigenous Forum virtual platform

World Indigenous Forum to bring investors and indigenous communities together

Investors and economists from around the world will meet this week for the World Indigenous Forum on a custom created virtual platform.

The forum aims to "allow visitors to focus on unleashing the economic power of the world’s indigenous population", which estimated to be worth around $3.3trn (£2.4trn) to global GDP*.

The World Indigenous Forum will take place from 13-14 January and will be attended by over 15,000 people from both the indigenous business communities and a mixture of personal, ethical and corporate investors. The platform has been created by Engage Works, and on a platform developed through a games engine to ensure more community activity, interaction and dialogue within the forum.

The world’s indigenous economies hold nearly 30% of this planet’s total assets and additionally own, have nurtured and protected, 80% of the world’s biodiversity**. Organisers of the forum believe that these communities, and the businesses and skills within them, could account for nearly $3.3trn (£2.4trn) of economic value as more and more investors look to create links between the indigenous and Western worlds.

Head of virtual events at Engage Works, Rich Ward, said: “We have developed the platform in a games engine, offering all the creative possibilities of a virtual environment while ensuring people, whoever they are and wherever they are, can simply and intuitively find any person, vendor or content and easily connect, interact, transact & view in as close a way as possible as they would at a physical event.”

* Source: Blueprints,; the International Monetary Fund estimated emerging / developing market size is $33.52trn (£24.65trn). Blueprints believes that Indigenous cultures represent 10% of this growth – allowing for, out of the 90 countries with indigenous societies, many sit within mature markets as well as emerging ones.

** Source: World Bank, Indigenous Peoples, 2020