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UK launches simplified travel system

The UK’s new travel system has come into force, with countries now being filtered into one of two categories, red or rest of the world.

The new rules also mean that fully-vaccinated passengers and eligible under18s returning from countries not on the red list will not need to take a pre-departure test, day eight test or enter a 10-day-isolation period.

Grant Shapps, transport secretary, said: “We are accelerating towards a future where travel continues to reopen safely and remains open for good and today’s rule changes are good news for families, businesses and the travel sector.

“Our priority remains to protect public health but, with more than eight in 10 people now fully vaccinated, we are able to take these steps to lower the cost of testing and help the sector to continue in its recovery.”

Later in October, fully vaccinated passengers with an approved vaccine and recognised certificate travelling from a non-red list country, will be able to replace their day two test with a cheaper lateral flow test.

The government is expanding its vaccinated policy to a further 18 countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Japan and Canada. Recognised vaccines are Pfizer BioNTech, Oxford AstraZeneca (including Covidshield), Moderna and Janssen (J&J).

Arrivals will still need to fill in a passenger locator form ahead of travel to any destination.