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Giant iTab launches free event series

Giant iTab has launched a series of “lunch and learn events” for event agencies looking to learn more about using technology to drive engagement at events and more face-to-face time with colleagues and clients.

The series, which is free to attend, will take place at Giant iTab’s London customer experience centre. Giant iTab says its new centre has been designed as a “learning and collaboration zone” and features a range of giant touchscreens, tablets and smartphones for agencies to interact and engage with and to understand how the technology can be used to enhance their events.

Giant iTab’s founder CEO, Mark Jones, says: “There is no substitute for seeing the whites of your peers eyes when conducting business and in many cases meeting in person is vital, yet enhancing the experience and conversation with technology can be very beneficial.

“Our lunch and learn sessions are a great opportunity for agencies to learn more about how touchscreens can be used to enhance events from substituting printed event guides to guiding delegates around a busy exhibition floor.”

Event agencies interested in attending one of Giant iTab’s lunch and learn events will be given an hour’s session on clever ways of using technology to enhance their events, lunch and a Giant iTab to take away for one month to trial.