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Event technology platform launches upgrade

EventsAIR, an event managing platform which provides solutions and services to the event management industry, has announced the release of its EventsAIR V10 upgrade at its RISE 2019 user conference.

Announced on 19August in Australia, EventsAIR V10 uses the latest web technology, aiding performance, security and functionality. Existing clients have also had the opportunity to preview its new version 10.

The upgrade will launch in October 2019, allowing users to use the existing and new platform in parallel.

New features include an upgrade to the original drag and drop interface, ensuring that popular features remain. It will also include a multi-platform support, multi-tab functionality, iPad and tablet support and more. These new features will continue to expand over the next 12-24 months.

Trevor Gardiner, CEO of EventsAIR, said: “We have held off in introducing this version as the web technology hasn’t had the performance ability we required and has taken a while to catch-up.”

Joe Ciliberto, global director of sales and marketing, added: “Our aim is to continue leading the market in event tech innovation as we have done for over the past 30 years. It’s great to see so many excited users who have been on the journey with us plus working with new users on becoming EventsAIR architects.”