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Japanese children hold virtual Minecraft school graduation

In these difficult days for the global meetings industry, here's a story from Japan to lighten the mood for a short while at least...

Coronavirus quarantine did not stop primary school children from Nagano in Japan celebrating their graduation. Their answer? They built a virtual graduation ceremony - on Minecraft!

As revealed in a social media post from one of the parents, the children managed to build a huge virtual venue hall with a stage and seating, as well as a red carpet for all the virtual classmates to walk down. All children remained at home during their big day, but still marked their academic milestone together, without any apparent help from the teachers.

Many of the children spent time playing Minecraft with each other and it was, effectively, their go-to hangout when the government closed schools in early March.

Putting on their own gradation in the Minecraft game was a natural step, it seems.

Speaking after his post went viral, the father, said: ‘[This is] bright news that shines in a gloomy social situation. I want everyone to know that. I also hope that a new perspective will open up in the way games are perceived’.

We expect more virtual events online to fill the yawning gaps opening up as face-to-face becomes ever more difficult.