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Wonder undergoes creative rebrand

Wonder, a brand experience agency, has announced its rebrand from ‘Wonder London’ to ‘Wonder’, to support its office expansion from exclusively London to the rest of Europe.

Wonder’s rebrand includes a new website which has a new colour palette, patterns and graphic designs to express its brand creativity for clients.

A Wonder spokesperson said that the expansion is due to its stance as a “globally active experience agency with an ever-increasing international offering”, adding that “it's important that we have a strong base in Europe and beyond.” This month, Wonder has started its expansion by the launch of its new Amsterdam office.

The rebrand aims to result in a growth for Wonder. The spokesperson continues: “once predominantly experts in the technology sector, we’ve already expanded outside of this sphere to form new partnerships with brands – our new client wins this year including Nike, Deliveroo, Santander and Epson to name but a few."

Wonder’s ambition and growth will continue over the next few years as it “seeks out the world's most innovative and exciting brands to collaborate with.”