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Twickenham Stadium launches ‘circular’ food waste strategy

Twickenham Stadium has launched a new food waste strategy that includes an internal ‘circular economic model’, which aims to reduce the average waste per person at the stadium.

The circular economic model is based around menu design, which encourages multiple uses of each ingredient across the stadium’s operations. For example, waste items will be used for stocks and sauces.

The menu will also demonstrate where the stadiums ingredients have been sourced from to support its initiative of reducing food miles.  

Thomas Rhodes (pictured), executive head chef at Twickenham Stadium, said: “At the moment, the average amount of waste per person at the stadium is only small, but when that is multiplied by the amount of visitors we have to Twickenham, it becomes much larger.”

Rhodes continued: “To get waste down now, we need to look beyond the per person waste, and look at the micro things we do which have macro effects. This means we can track the life of an ingredient, use it for different things across the menu, from top to bottom.”

Rhodes advises to use “locally sourced vegetables” which can be reused in multiple dishes and for events.

He continued: “The peelings of celeriac are ground down with the excess salt to create a veggie salt for other dishes; the offcuts are used for a jus on a different part of the menu; and anything else left over we reuse in stocks and soups. That means you could have four dishes using the same ingredient in four different ways.”