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Top 10 takeaways from the EVCOMference

EVCOM has highlighted some key takeaways from its EVCOMference, which took place on 9 September at the Hilton, London Bankside.

1. Sharn Kleiss, Radley Yeldar - diversity, equality and inclusion 

"Communicating D&I can be difficult. But saying nothing is no longer an option. To put it simply, D&I is about reflecting and connecting with your audiences. That's what all good communicators do. To be fit for the future, focus on creating authentic connections with your audience to make sure your messages land."

2. Angela Law, Every Sense - finding your focus

"You can't be good at everything. Choose one thing you want to be brilliant at that resonates with targeted groups of clients, and build demonstrable expertise, proof and insight in that specialism."

3. Jeremy Stinton, TwentyThree - creativity, data and technology

"You can't argue with data. Nothing strengthens agency-client relationships and helps clients secure more budget than data attributing financial success to campaign activity."

4. Sam Wilson, Syntiro Associates - sustainability 

"It is essential to bring sustainability into the ROI of your creative work as well as your core business. It's as much about the creative output as it is about the carbon output.

5. Robert Kenward, The Hub - recruitment

"If you are unsure how to attract, select and retain exceptional talent, hire an external recruitment professional who can prove they are. In recruitment, it's okay to say no with your gut, but never say yes because it feels right."

6. Cathy Alford, Searchlight - recruitment

"Consider how your company is perceived by potential employees - will they want to work for you?"

7. Rohini Pahl, NSPCC - client view

"Keep listening, learning and transforming. Our society has experienced one of the biggest changes in the last 75 years. To effect change and help solve new problems, the charity sector must respond to change, by listening to our audiences and learning from them to transform how we serve their needs more effectively."

8. Jane Sayers, Content Engine, Shell - workplace culture 

"A gendered balanced work force benefits your business, so give gender equality your attention. Recognise the benefits of the office, but keep the work/balance." 

9. Simon Hambley, Strata - opportunity

"Now is a good time to take stock. Analyse your value proposition. Does it match that of your clients' real needs? This is a great way to identify your best opportunities for growth."

10. Andrew Smith, A-Vison - opportunity

"There are lots of opportunities in the US. UK companies are in a great position to deliver, they are often cheaper and creatively better."

Pictured: Emily Clements, Radley Yeldar, Jane Sayers, Shell, Karen Kadin, Brands at Work, Nicola Handley, Barclays and Martin Fullard, Conferences News.

Photo credit: Steve Forrest.