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Stress Matters launches free wellbeing tool

Stress Matters launches free wellbeing tool

Workplace wellbeing specialists, Stress Matters, have launched a free diagnostic tool to help businesses discover how effectively it is looking after employee wellbeing.

Users will be required to answer 25 questions, which will be based on the following three areas:

1) Insights – to discover how much you know and don’t know about your team.

2) Accountability – to establish what makes team wellbeing a priority for you.

3) Support – to understand what wellbeing support you currently have in place.

Following the questionnaire, users will receive a tailored PDF report with recommendations to help them improve the wellbeing of their team. Users will also be able to see how they compare to other businesses.

Commenting on the tool, Laura Capell-Abra, co-founder, Stress Matters, said: “Our industry is made up of small businesses, many of whom don't have the resource to have someone dedicated to learning all the steps in improving workplace wellbeing.

“This tool is to give those responsible for the team the ability to understand how they're doing organically whilst providing some structured solutions as to how to improve their approach in a measurable way.”

She added: “This tool has been many months in the making, working with lots of businesses to hone what makes the most impactful strategies. I'm so pleased we have finally launched so that businesses can start planning their people strategies rather than reacting."