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QEII Taste launches new sustainable menu

QEII Taste launches new sustainable menu

QEII Taste Catering, by Levy UK, has launched its new spring/summer menu which is led by sustainability.

About the menu

QEII Taste hosted a tasting event on 31 May at The QEII Centre, led by Jason Dignam, general manager, QEII Taste.

The new spring/summer menu focuses on local sourcing, seasonality and vegan/vegetarian options.

QEII Taste has moved away from paper menus and towards QR Codes – which allow delegates to view the menu on their device and share any allergen information prior to the event.

The food can also be served in three different ways: bowl food, box food and traditional fork buffet (plated option). The serving options can be cleaned, reused and recycled.

Commenting on the presentation, Dignam said: “Whether our dishes are going to be on a plate, in a bowl, or in a box, it's going to be the same dishes, the same quantity, but it's up to you how you have it. This prevents attendees from queuing up and allows more time for them to go around and see the exhibition.“

Partnering up

QEII Taste has also partnered with Klimato to place ‘climate labels’ on its menus to show what dishes have a ‘low’ (0.1-0.5 kg CO2e), ‘medium’ (0.6-1.5kg CO2e) or ‘high’ (1.6+ kg CO2e) carbon footprint.

In doing so, QEII Taste aims to not only reduce its climate impact but also encourage organisers and delegates to make better environmental choices.