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QEII supports vulnerable Londoners

The QEII Centre, an events, meetings and conference venue based in London, has announced it has collected 2,800 coats to support homeless and vulnerable people in London.

According to the charity Shelter, more than 320,000 people in Britain are recorded as homeless or living in inadequate homes. Over half of these people, 70,000, are living in London.

To support the ‘Wrap Up London’ campaign, organised by the charity Hands On London, the Centre hosted a collection point.

The collection point held 140 sacks which were filled with unwanted coats and items of warm clothing.

Each sack contained approximately 20 items of clothing, which provided a total of 2,800 items. These results showed a significant increase of the 700 coats collected at the QEII Centre in 2018.

The coats will be distributed across homeless shelters, refugee centres, organisations supporting the elderly, women’s refuges, children’s centres and other charities helping people in crisis.

Diane Waldron, sales and marketing director, QEII Centre, said: “The event industry has an important role to play in supporting local communities, and working with Wrap Up London allows us to do just that. It’s such a simple concept, but hugely effective, and I’m thrilled that so many people, including QEII staff, event attendees, local businesses and passers-by donated their coats to support this fantastic cause.”

Jon Meech, CEO, Hands on London, said: “Every year the demand for warm coats increases and this year is sadly no exception. As a largely volunteer-led campaign we can only hope of meeting this demand with the help of partners like the QEII Centre, and it is fantastic to see so any people giving generously to support the people most in need this winter.”