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PRG collaborates fashion with technology

PRG hosted its 2020 ‘Hear Yourself Think’ series of industry meet ups at its offices in Covent Garden, on 29 January.

At the event Bushra Burge, a creative digital entrepreneur host, shared her insight into the importance of touch and how humanising technology can enrich the user experience.

The session explored the evolution of haptics, the use of touch, and the future of humanising technology within the world of live events.

Burge shared insight drawn from her recent projects, including an experiential fashion VR haptic piece. Burge and her team challenged the look of VR and turned the wearer into a piece of art.

The experience covered a number of multi-sensory inflatables, hacked blood pressure machines, buzzers, fabric manipulation, and VR headsets to create a holistic wearable story experience.

John Montague, director of corporate & events for PRG UK, commented: “We are always interested in learning from the abundance of creative talent out there and finding ways to apply this to the technology we provide within a live event environment. These talks are an opportunity to invite our industry colleagues to join us to do the same for their areas of expertise. They are an opportunity for time-poor industry professionals to take some time out, chat with some interesting people and literally hear themselves think.”

Emma Walker, head of creative resource for We Are Family London, added: “Bushra was amazing, I found her work truly inspirational; demonstrating how humanising technology by combining science, communication, VR wearables, fashion and haptics, transformed the user and spectator experience. It really gave some useful takeaways.”