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lizzy eaton

Oddity Events says clients considering outdoor events in 2021

Clients are considering looking at outdoor events in 2021 as part of their engagement strategies, Oddity Events has said.

The agency said that 90% of its confirmed business for the year ahead is online, with the remaining 10% is in hybrid format, but noted that it would have to be agile as laws change and clients decide to pursue live, in-person events.

Lizzy Eaton (pictured), the agency’s founder, told Conference News that that she had noticed a change in the levels of client confidence, particularly towards online events.

“It is encouraging to see enquiries coming in for events in 2021,” she said. “I think clients that were holding out last year on their engagement strategy have come to realise that if they want to do anything at all in the near future it will have to at least have some element of virtual [online], and where that still may seem an unknown territory to them, they trust that we have developed the skills and experience to be able to deliver these event solutions for them.”

Eaton added that Oddity had received 10 enquiries since the start of the year, in which they went on to win three with a further two still in tender process. 

“As a team we’re feeling really encouraged about the number of enquiries coming through; we are set to have a very busy year,” she said.

Notably, Eaton pointed towards more innovative thinking from clients with regards to the return of live events, saying outdoor options were being considered.
“We’re having conversations about outdoor events and the level of confidence guests will have in attending these over an indoor equivalent, such as for private dining or networking events. Fingers crossed for another fair-weather summer,” she said.

Eaton added that she was feeling “more positive” about the vaccine roll-out and the growth in confidence this will likely bring as restrictions on the industry are eased. “There are also a lot of milestone events happening this year in the politics and social policy corner of the industry which we will support in one way or another,” Eaton added. “Whether virtual [online], hybrid or live, such as facilitating our clients’ activity at COP26 and the Political Party Conferences. We are feeling positive for the buzz around these events, which if they go ahead as physical events will also trailblaze and inspire confidence in events generally, hopefully leading to confirmed events in our calendars.”