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New 5-minute relaxation podcast series launches

A new wellbeing initiative designed for the hospitality sector, called, launched at the beginning of lockdown, which aspired to offer a free self-care toolkit to help keep maintain good mental health.

The second part of the project, which has launched 2 July, includes a set of five-minute relaxation podcasts created specifically for use in pre-service briefings and team meetings, designed to help you take 5 minutes to stop and relax.

The project, called Take 5, is the idea of Craig Prentice, founder of Mum, Hospitality Talent Partner, who has designed this initiative in collaboration with marketing freelancer Peter Kerwood, featuring podcasts created by wellbeing coach Andrew Johnson.

“Take 5 offers accessible, bite-sized relaxation tools which can be used anytime in or out of the workplace when you simply want time out,” said Prentice.