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Make Venues

Make Venues invests in online and hybrid event technology

Make Venues has announced that it has upgraded the businesses online conferencing, hybrid and digital technology across its three venues in London, Bristol and Leamington Spa.

The upgrades are focused predominantly on video conferencing, hybrid events, and capture and broadcast and include: fixed 4K commercial LFD display systems; PTZ cameras for both display and presenter views; microphone arrays to pick up sound throughout meeting rooms; digital signal processing; and ceiling speakers.

As well as permanent installations in larger rooms, there will be also be mobile units offering similar technology that can be moved between smaller rooms.

David Vaughton, managing director at Make Venues, said: “We’re about to see our market open up for the first time in nearly a year, as a business we were keen to be in a position to to handle every kind of meeting, be it face to face, online or hybrid. Over the last 12 months the way we do business has changed and we must continue to offer facilities that meet the demands of our customers. Our strategy has always been to give our customers all the facilities they need to have meetings when they can, and when they want to."

The new technology will be available across the group’s venues: Broadway House, London; Engineers’ House, Bristol; and Woodland Grange, Leamington Spa.