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venue performance & london convention bureau

London Convention Bureau & Venue Performance announce strategic partnership

Venue Performance has announced a new strategic partnership with the London Convention Bureau with the aim of helping the London Convention Bureau’s strategy for recovery – Building Back Better.

Tracy Halliwell, director of tourism, conventions and major events, said: “While bringing huge challenges to the industry, like all crises the pandemic will create opportunities for us to build back better, it has forced us to rethink our strategies, our markets, and how we plan and use our assets; and more importantly, how we can be smarter in using data to inform our decisions, add power to our communications and help us to engage with our stakeholders and audiences.”

Halliwell added: “For too long we have been lacking data on the value and trends of the events industry in London, and as such we have been behind the curve in proving the huge contribution events make to the economy and how they support so many other sectors. Moving forward, the London Convention Bureau will be using Venue Performance as a standard for measuring the industry in London. London Convention Bureau will share its data and add to Venue Performance’s knowledge and understand the total value of the London events sector, so that we can tell our story better, support our industry better, and build back better.”

To contribute to the Building Back Better initiative, contact Heath at