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Kopus reaches 10,000 venue target

Pandemic start-up, Kopus, has reached its target of 10,000 participating venues.

Founded in December 2020, Kopus aims to provide easy access to curated spaces for content creation, events and meetings.

It also hopes to create an infrastructure for a new event and co-working economy, offering an alternative to how eventprofs find, book and pay for traditional meeting, event and production spaces.

Since its inauguration, Kopus has amassed 20,000 users.

Jason Allan Scott, CEO at Kopus, said: "The idea behind Kopus is to create a real-time network marketplace and infrastructure for the creator economy. We built Kopus so that individuals and groups could come together in inspiring locations to do their best work that is fit for purpose and fit for budget. While Covid-19 has changed many things, our research shows that the need for face-to-face collaboration, celebration and content creation is still very real”

"As companies continue to embrace remote-first work, and creators look for spaces to meet, create, curate, collaborate and celebrate, Kopus wants to help them solve the challenge of how to meet and collaborate in person safely and affordably. We are excited to work with event venues on this initiative to seamlessly connect creators and remote workers when and where they need it the most."