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International Confex reveals Keynote highlights

International Confex has revealed some Keynote highlights, including what topics and who to expect from its upcoming sessions.

The event is due to take place from 22-23 June 2021 at ExCeL London.

Day one

1) 10am - Natalie Campbell-Reid, content marketing Lead, Explori

State of the Nation: Latest insights for the events industry

Live events are here to stay, but to what degree and in what capacity? The accelerated adoption of virtual events has left many questions unanswered. How much of the virtual ‘hype’ is simply a symptom of the times and how much of it is an indication that virtual and hybrid events are here to stay?

Reid will discuss how virtual events perform against key performance indicators, attendee expectations of event organisers post-pandemic, the strengths of virtual in the eyes of attendees and if virtual has added a new step in the attendee journey.

2) 11am - Mandu Reid, leader of the Women’s Equality Party

Headlining Keynote

Reid is the leader of the Women’s Equality Party, London Mayoral candidate and the first person of colour to lead a national political party in the UK.

In this session, Reid will discuss the WEP manifesto, why London is ready to become the first gender-equal city in the world and why the WEP is a party that wants to make itself redundant.

Reid said: “The point at which the party is no longer needed is the moment the British political system serves women’s interests as it does men’s, when it takes account of the ways that women are screwed over left, right and centre by our economy, our culture and education and employment systems.”

3) 3pm – Neil Thompson, founder of Delegate Wranglers

Delegate Wranglers Live

Neil Thompson, founder of Delegate Wranglers, the event industry’s most engaged online community, will be joined by a panel of senior eventprofs to discuss strength in numbers and the power of community.

Thompson and his guests will discuss the ethos behind the Facebook group that now connects over 20,000 eventprofs globally.

Day two

10am - Nick Dugdale-Moore, regional director for Europe, UFI

The future of live events in a digital world

Live, Hybrid, Digital or Virtual. What does the future hold? Moore will present UFI’s proprietary research from the world’s leading organisers and venues, as well as first-hand experience from members and best practice case studies from around the globe.

11am - Panel Discussion

How did an £84bn industry become invisible?

With a super-panel of event industry leaders we will be looking at the question that it took a pandemic to raise – how could an £84bn industry be overlooked?

Our panel of leading influencers in the industry, all of whom lobbied visibly, vocally and tirelessly at local and national government level, will discuss how we futureproof our industry to ensure that we are never abandoned again.