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HBAA and Eventwell confirms next mental health webinar

Continuing its series of initiatives to support its members’ businesses and health needs during Covid-19, the Hotel Booking Agents Association (HBAA) is partnering with Eventwell and others in the latest of its mental health webinars, the next of which takes place at 4pm, 23 April. Join the session here.

'Managing your mental health and sustaining positive wellbeing now and beyond Covid-19' will be a panel session followed by Q&A and it will address many powerful issues that have been prompted and elevated by the pandemic.

Topics will include what needs to be done to sustain good mental health; how should we manage video conference fatigue; what are the biggest risks to mental health when lockdown ends; how can we prepare mentally despite the uncertainty; andwill the pressure in businesses to make up for lost time in Q3 and Q4 add to the stress

Moderated by Helen Moon of Eventwell, the panel will include Leigh Cowlishaw, HBAA board member; Alex La Via of Live More Offline; Gavin Percy of Balancing Edges and Mark Maher of Boulevard Events and chair, Eventwell.

La Via commented: “It’s a pleasure to be collaborating with HBAA on this crucial issue. It’s very important to have these conversations about how we can support wellbeing now and after we come out of lockdown and understand the role our digital habits play in caring for wellbeing.”

Moon added: “As we are engaging with more digital communications and coupled with the uncertainty of our industry norm, post Covid-19, this is all creating even further unexpected stressful experiences. We need to ensure that we listen to ourselves, reach for guidance and protect our Mental Health for now and in the future – however this is shaped.”

Since lockdown, HBAA has been providing free webinars supporting Mental Health and will be promoting a new course MHFA Mental Health Half Day Awareness run by Balancing Edges in the future. Book here

HBAA has also created Mental Health Toolkits which are available here. 

Percy noted: “Our people and ourselves need support to help us through such challenging and uncertain times now and beyond - toolkits needs to be as sharp as possible for us to thrive and survive.”

Leigh Cowlishaw concluded: "HBAA has been championing mental health and wellbeing as a board initiative for the last 18 months. It is become even more vital issue during these challenging times when there is so much uncertainty about timescales, about "the new norm" and about the future of our industry. It is crucial that we continue to look after ourselves and support our teams by providing access to resources and sharing knowledge to help today and tomorrow.

“We’re delighted to be expanding our activities, to be collaborating with these recognised industry experts who bring such experience and passion for helping others.”