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The Hague to be MPI’s 2019 European testing ground

‘We are not here to play the game. We are here to change it’ is the strap-line for the next edition of Meeting Professionals International’s (MPI) European Meetings & Events Conference (EMEC19).

The conference, to be held in The Hague, 9-12 February, promises a revolutionary design, with a four-day programme focussed on how meeting and event professionals can change the way they meet, experience and learn and how to apply new formats in their next event.

“Too often, conferences use the same design. We think it is time to change. Therefore, we designed a lab for professionals rather than yet another conference where you sit and listen all day,” said Gijs Verbeek (pictured), Executive Director of the MPI Netherlands Chapter. “EMEC19 offers sixteen hours of education and more than twelve hours of networking – bar time not included,” Verbeek added. 

The programme of EMEC19 is based on four topics: Risk Management, Design Thinking, Leadership and Meeting Perspectives. Delegates have a choice to follow one of these four dedicated conference tracks – allowing them to deep dive into the subject – or cherry pick from the different sessions.

Networking will be integrated in several ways and moments during the programme, e.g. based on country of origin, business interest and choice of leisure activities. There will be a conference dinner and a ticket to MPI Foundation’s Rendezvous included for delegates.

With 50% of the EMEC19 tracks being interactive, attendees are being challenged to turn up with their action mode turned on.

One example of a changing learning method is scenario-based learning – applied to 58 world leaders during the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS).

Half of the programme will take place outside of the conference centre. 

EMEC19 promises to take delegates on journeys to learn from cross-industry innovations, exploring how other industries deal with the same challenges our industry is facing.

EMEC19 is organised by MPI Netherlands Chapter and discounted rates apply until 14 December. Details: Join EMEC19