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Growing Venues and Events International re-launches its ‘high-touch’ value proposition

Swindon-based venue-find and event management agency, Venues and Events International, has re-launched its values to the business following a period of major growth in the business.

Operating now with more than 30 staff, the agency has taken on additional office space at Lotmead Business Park and is now branched out across several offices.

Company culture and values have always played a big part in the strategy of CEO Anita Lowe’s businesses and, with many recent new appointments, management says it is a good time to remind and re-imagine core beliefs.

Kim Collins, account director at Venues and Events International, had this to say about the agency’s recent values day: “Having only been back with the company a few months, I wanted to get back into the culture and truly get behind the core values of the business. With several other staff members joining at a similar time, it seemed appropriate to re-launch the values to ensure all employees were embracing them in the same way.

“We engaged with Echo Fox, a strategic partner of ours, who supported our objective in bringing our values to life with a full session of interactive sessions. The team came away feeling energised and inspired and have embraced the values in which they work to.” 

Six key value themes re-launched to the business as part of the strategy, Collins said, were:

  • Boutique
  • Caring
  • High customer touch
  • Part of our clients’ team
  • Making our time valuable
  • Partners of choice

CEO Anita Lowe added: “It was fantastic to see the team come together, go back to our roots, and remind them why we do what we do. I believe the growth in our business is largely down to the fact that our employees do embrace who we are and what we aim to achieve for our clients. We’ve had clients work with us for nearly 30 years who I know see us as an extension of their team and embrace our values into their own company culture. It’s working in partnership like this that helps us to believe in ourselves and continue to grow.”

Echo Fox filmed the values re-launch session with Venues and Events International. You can see it here.