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GL events UK releases ‘Good Event Guide’

GL events UK has launched ‘Good Event Guide’, offering organisers tips on how to improve their event.

The guide emphasises the importance of sustainability, CSR and health & wellbeing in the industry today. It can be viewed here.

Contributors include We are the Fair’s Nick Morgan, The Bulb’s Selina Donald, and A Greener Festival’s Claire O’Neill. They discuss tips for improving sustainability, case studies of good practice, and more.

GL events UK has put an increasing emphasis on sustainability over the last year, and was recently recognised with an award in sustainability by Major Events International.

Rachel Baker, GL events UK, comments: “Over the course of this journey we’ve worked with some brilliant people with great ideas and so, in true GL events style, we have produced an online guide to creating ‘good’ events. 

“The guide isn’t just about CSR, sustainability and all things green, though. It covers health and wellness within teams, how to build a strong event culture and all sorts of other areas that mean it’s not just about green events, but ‘good’ events.”

“We think it’s really important to identify that sometimes events can’t be good, and that’s ok! All we can do as event professionals who care, is approach our next event with the right attitude, and for us at GL events, this is about wanting to be ‘good’. 

“It’s about wanting to minimise impacts where possible, and this is what we hope the guide will help inspire,” concludes Rachel.