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Former marine commando uses military expertise for event teambuilding exercises

Gary Braim (pictured right), former royal marine commando, is celebrating his 10th anniversary with ACF Teambuilding and Events.

The company makes use of Braim’s military expertise to help stage teambuilding exercises and events. It offers military-themed days with scenarios such as survival in the wild, hostage negotiation, anti-ambush and being shipwrecked.

The scenarios are designed to help foster teamwork in professional and corporate environments. Indoor workshops include The Bodyguard, Bomb Disposal and Mobile Escape Rooms.

Braim, who now serves as ACF’s teambuilding and events regional director for Devon and Cornwall, believes businesses can benefit from the marine’s values – where teamwork saves lives.

He commented: “In the marines you eat, drink, fight and sleep with the same people. It’s a unique situation and you have to be able to work well together as your lives depend on it. Teamwork is vital – be it in the military, sport or business – in order to bring out the best performance. It makes for a happier and more productive organisation.”

ACF came about when Braim met Mark Fanning, who now heads the company, at a business networking event in 2008. They realized there was a gap in the market for their particular brand of teambuilding.

Braim’s 12 year’s in the Royal Marines saw him travelling to jungles in Brunei, deserts in the Middle East and to mountains and arctic wastelands in northern Norway.