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EventSafe developed to support a return to face-to-face and hybrid events

Global healthcare experiences specialist, Ashfield Event Experiences, has launched EventSafe, a Covid-19 screening service that aims to support a safe return to face-to-face and hybrid events as global restrictions lift and vaccine programs gather pace.

EventSafe is already up and running in Europe in preparation for when current restrictions allow. The service is also now available for events in the US.

EventSafe works by Ashfield Event Experiences partnering with clients to develop optimum event-specific protocols. This includes pre-event at-home testing to on-site and post-event safety strategies.

Prior to attendee arrival, Ashfield manages the screening policies and attendee consent forms, and then at the event itself, clinically trained Covid-19 testing professionals will set up the screening site and screen attendees. All work focuses on creating an ‘event bubble,’ with organizers and attendees safe in the knowledge that everyone present has screened as negative – despite participants either still waiting for, or even opting out of having a vaccination.

Gavin Houston (pictured), COO, Ashfield Event Experiences, said: “Virtual meetings have obviously become the norm over the past year, and while many of our clients have partnered with us to move beyond the standard video call to much more audience-engaging broadcast-quality events, most are clearly missing that human connection element that only face-to-face can bring. EventSafe is an incredibly exciting development for our industry and it’s set to be invaluable to our clients as they plan their programs for summer 2021 and beyond.”

Houston added: “As vaccine programs gather pace and are rolled out across the globe, EventSafe provides a secure solution for clients keen to hold face-to-face or even hybrid events as soon as any state or country-wide lockdown restrictions are lifted. We’re confident it’ll be seen as a great step forward for the vital events our clients need for the future health and wellbeing of patients.”