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Events Industry Council launches first phase of Equity Acceleration Plan

The Events Industry Council (EIC), the global voice of the business events industry on advocacy, research, professional recognition and standards, has launched the first phase of its Equity Acceleration Plan.

This first phase will focus on establishing a benchmark to measure progress for the industry through a survey. The survey aims to determine the current state of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workplace across the events industry.

The results of this benchmark will inform the development of tools, resources and recommendations in the subsequent phases on the Equity Acceleration Plan, which aims to provide a framework to lead the challenge against discrimination and systemic racism in the events industry.

The survey will give respondents the opportunity to share some of their personal experiences and opinions on what is needed to improve the sector. 

The findings will be used as the basis for a report and a series of specially created educational courses, tools and resources to support the industry in its shared goal of a more diverse and inclusive future.

Amy Calvert, CEO of EIC, said: “With over 10.3m direct jobs and over 1.5bn participants in our sector, and as the industry that at its heart fosters human connection and collaborations, we have the opportunity and responsibility to be a catalyst for meaningful and measurable change.

"The Equity Acceleration Plan will enable us to support event professionals to create more diverse and inclusive environments, develop career pathways, and ensure representation in leadership and supply chains by providing the learning and resources intended to reach and support our community.”

Jason Dunn Sr., co-chair of EIC Equity Task Force, immediate past board chairman, National Coalition of Black Meeting Professionals, and vice president, Cincinnati USA Convention and Visitors Bureau, added: “I believe that tourism empowers communities and that business events can be a driver for change.

"This survey is an important step toward emboldening our global industry to lead and be an example of how to move the moral compass of DE&I to the centre of everything we do. I’m looking forward to seeing the results and to working with the EIC Equity Task Force to create what will be incredibly valuable guidance and resources for event professionals.”

To take part, click here. The survey will close on 15 October.