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ESSA AGM delegates set to jump up and down

The Event Suppliers and Services Association (ESSA) has announced that the ESSA 2019 AGM will be held at BOUNCE, London, on 25 April. Open to full ESSA members, doors will open at 9.30am.

After listening to the invited speakers (TBC), delegates will have the chance to network during a buffet lunch before trying out what BOUNCE, the home of Ping Pong, has to offer.

“AGMs don't have a reputation for being enjoyable, let alone interesting,” explained Andrew Harrison, ESSA director. “So providing some convivial networking time, thought provoking speakers and some enjoyable activity at an unusual or interesting venue is always a part of our plan.”

“I'd urge members, especially those who have not attended before, to come to the AGM,” continued Harrison. “It's a good opportunity to meet and talk to the board, ask questions and get to know other members, as well as to find out about the associations current and future finances, plans and initiatives.”