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DRPG and Imago weigh in for Mental Health Awareness Week

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, we asked you to tell CN what you or your company are doing for to address mental health in your organisation, and we've already had a couple of responses back.

Ryan Curtis-Johnson, head of PR & marketing at DRPG, sent us an email outlining what the company does around mental health: "We have this year implemented mental health first aiders across the business in all locations. This allows team members the opportunity to speak with people confidentiality.

"We also have our DRPG academy, which is a training and development system within DRPG. It has its own platform which everyone has access to and this allows team members to book onto training and lunch and learn sessions. We have guest speakers come in and recently had a speaker come in and discuss mental health and how this can be highlighted within the work place and telling signs.

"We’ve also got the e-learning modules online and this week we’ve highlighted these for Mental Health Awareness Week. These are all based on line and can be 10 minute / 20 minutes session. They cover topics like how to cope with stress and to support mindfulness in the work place. We also have 60 second sessions which are tips to cope with relaxing and taking correct breaks within the work place.

"We have a 24 hr support like which everyone has access to. This allows them to have someone to speak with regarding work and personal issues and again is all confidential.

Catherine Hancock, PR and communications officer at Loughborough University, told us some of the things Imago Venues is doing to mark the occasion.

She said: "Imago’s Mental Health First Aiders are out and about should staff need them. The first aiders – which sit alongside the physical first aiders - are on hand to offer a listening ear, support and guidance to any member of staff.

"Staff are also being encouraged to take some time out of work and participate in a host of activities that are being held across the university as part of Mental Health Awareness Week. The activities range from self-esteem workshops, yoga and mindfulness and positive thinking workshops.

"Going forward 15 more Imago Mental Health First Aiders are being trained in June and there are proposals of delivering some mental health training to the Heads of Departments as an initial starting point.