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Designing the future of brand experience

By Michael Jones.

International Confex 21’s Brand Experience Theatre, 2 September, was host to a session on the question of ‘Designing the future of brand experience’.

The discussion was hosted by Kim Myhre, managing partner at Experience designed.

Myhre offered insight into how brand experiences could be most engaging for the audience. Part of this focused on how audiences were no longer happy to be one of the crowd, instead wanting events and brand experiences to recognise them and know what they value.

Myhre suggested that “it is inevitable that advances in technology will challenge and disrupt the events industry” to the extent that “organisers can either be the victims of this change or the architects of the industry’s future”.

Myhre focused on how “experience isn’t going away as an aspect of the events industry”, and said rather it would become more important in how organisers and attendees perceive events. Myhre predicted events would “become dramatically more personal”, which will force attendees to question whether events were catering for them as an audience. If they did not, he said, people would no longer settle happily for being bored and would choose another option. He concluded: “When individuals focus too much on their product, rather than the value their product provides, they lose competitiveness.”