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Central Hall Westminster hosts series of Candlelight Concerts

Central Hall Westminster, part of Central Hall Venues group, is currently hosting a series of Candlelight Concerts produced by international experience and events platform, Fever.

The latest Candlelight events to be staged in the venue’s Great Hall are ballet performances to Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker, featuring ballet, taking place on 15 January and Hans Zimmer’s best works on 29 January.

Paul Southern, managing director of Central Hall Venues, which runs Central Hall Westminster, commented: “It’s fantastic to see Central Hall Westminster back in business after the pandemic and what better way to celebrate than with these concerts.”

Arielle Hutchinson from Fever, added: “Our Candlelight Concerts are designed to be truly mood-enhancing. Central Hall Westminster's Great Hall provides the perfect backdrop for the ambience we are aiming for.”