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BTA reveals £3.38bn loss to UK GDP due to lower levels of business travel

The Business Travel Association (BTA) has revealed that the UK lost £3.38bn in GDP in the final week of November, due to the lower level of business travel trips following the continued impact of Covid-19.

Data from Travelogix shows that, in the final week of November 2021 international business travel trips from the UK were 54.83% lower than the same week in 2019, and there were 279,515 fewer international and domestic business travel trips. This is the shortest downturn of domestic and business travel trips combined since the BTA started recording data in May 2021.

The data shows that, in the week under review, the lower levels of business travel to:

  • Republic of Ireland has cost UK GDP £758m
  • USA has cost UK GDP £547m
  • France has cost UK GDP £283m
  • Germany has cost UK GDP £276m
  • Spain has cost UK GDP £257m

The association says the reduction of business travel trips has cost UK GDP £110.64bn since its Business Travel Tracker began in May 2021. These figures were recorded prior to the Omicron Covid-19 variant being discovered.