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Boris Johnson elected PM at London’s QEII Centre

Boris Johnson has been named the UK’s next Prime Minister, during a Conservative Party conference at London’s QEII Centre.

The result of the leadership ballot was announced on stage in QEII’s Churchill event space, where an audience of 500 Conservative Party members and press heard the official announcement that Boris Johnson will become leader of the party.

Theresa May will now step down as Prime Minister, and the Queen will be asked to appoint Boris Johnson as Prime Minister on Wednesday 24 July.

With its location in the heart of Westminster, opposite the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, the QEII Centre and British politics have gone hand-in-hand, with numerous conferences, leadership announcements and major policy decisions being made at the centre.

Chief executive of the QEII Centre, Mark Taylor, said: “QEII has been the setting for many political and significant announcements. QEII not only offers an unbeatable location, but also has the gravitas needed for events of this significance, along with the capacity, facilities and security required. I’m proud to represent a venue that is at the heart of Westminster, at the heart of the British events industry.”

UKinbound chief executive officer Joss Croft commented: “Last month’s announcement that our industry has been awarded a Sector Deal was a big win for tourism.

“We’re eager to begin working with the new Government and our industry partners to develop and implement this new strategy, which is underpinned by our tolerant, open and welcoming culture that Britain is renowned for globally.

“The next few months are a critical time for the UK and we urge the new prime minister to secure a consensus in parliament and with the EU to avoid a No Deal scenario, which could be very damaging for the tourism industry.”

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