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VivaTech investing in hybrid format

Tech and startup event VivaTech welcomed 140,000 visitors on 16-19 June in Paris. Of its visitors 114,000 were digital attendees on its paid platform and 26,000 were in-person.

Partnering with B2B marketing solution inwink, the show also played host to 400 speakers and 1,400 exhibitors at the hybrid event.

Julie Ranty, general manager, VivaTech: "The hybrid format of this fifth edition will allow us to bring together the best of both worlds and to offer an enlarged and enriched face-to-face event thanks to digital.”

Event partner inwink provided the online platform which allowed all sessions to be broadcast live. The event organiser Viva Technology says the online presence of the event reached over 119 million people in 149 countries generating 1.7 billion views.

inwink CEO, François Floribert, says: "Face-to-face events are irreplaceable because we need the serendipity of in-person meetings and exchanges. But this does not prevent us from combining physical events with a digital version that allows those who cannot travel to participate almost as if they were there. The future, the new frontier, is the hybrid event!

“Digital allows you to stay in touch with your community throughout the year: events can be prepared more quickly, over cycles of a few weeks and continue to live beyond a fixed date.”

Alongside the event, Viva Technology also continued its VivaTech Tour, its episodic content that delves into regional event industries. The series has thus far 12 innovation hubs, had over 80 speakers and reached 2000 active members of the industry.