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IET to celebrate the most influential inventions in events

As part of the celebrations for the Institution of Engineering and Technology's (IET) 150-year anniversary this year, IET Venues has announced that it will be celebrating the most influential inventions in events since the institution's inception.

Mark Reynard, head of, said: “My personal favourite from this great list must be walkie-talkies (two-way radio), as without communications between everyone working on a show it would be very difficult to keep everything exact, especially now with so many AV technicians controlling different aspects of the show.

“Lighting is something that has changed massively since its introduction – now it’s all LED and computer lighting boards, but in my era we used Par Cans, Fresnels and then Golden Scans and Track Spots, and the advent of DMX 512. The temperature in the venue used to be so intense as everything put out loads of heat, and backstage could become unbearable.

Looking towards the future of technology in events, Reyard believes the advances within AV and digital platforms will allow venues to deliver more content and connections, and reach audiences further away than ever before.

He said: “Everything is digital now. Technicians need to be great at their chosen specialisation, but are also required to be brilliant IT specialists, using cutting edge technologies often from different manufacturers that may not have been designed to work with another piece of equipment.

“With the move to hybrid and virtual events and the decline in people willing to travel due to the pandemic, I predict we will see ever more innovative ways to bring speakers into a live conference and appear on stage. Over the years we have seen many holographic technologies try to break into the event market, but the size of the equipment and stage space needed limited its use. As screen technologies advance, I am sure we will see a lot more examples of speakers beamed-in over the internet, displayed on incredible screen tech. Those attending live in the venue will feel as if the speaker is actually there.”

IET Venues is calling upon the opinions of event professionals to help determine the number one invention over the past 150 years that has transformed events. Take the poll here.