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international confex

Living live at International Confex

Despite delays and the UK Government’s best efforts, International Confex is going ahead 1-2 September 2021. The conference aims to bring together the events industry to plan for the next steps post-pandemic.

We spoke with two International Confex advisory board members, Liz Taylor, CEO, Taylor Lynn Corporation and Kate Bullard, events manager, Baker Mckenzie about returning to the show floor this September.

Live and in colour

Being on site at an event is an experience not easily replicated online. Our two advisory board members enforced this message, both seemed excited to return to in-person events later this year.

LT: “Live. Live. Live every time for me!  While virtual events have enabled us to get through the last 18 months, and grateful I am, they bring minimal audience engagement and feel more of a way of imparting information than sharing an experience.  A live event far surpasses virtual in every way.  Creatively. In terms of creating an atmosphere. And let’s not underestimate the importance of direct, personal connections in doing business. 

“To be immersed in the best exhibitors and speakers from our industry is a unique opportunity to forge business relationships, meet buyers, share peer advice and walk away with a greater industry understanding.  I am excited for this year’s live event!”

KB: “I'm all about the power of a network so for me virtual has had a place for the past year but nothing beats being in a room with people at an event.  That is where you have those amazing conversations with people you know from the industry, connect with new people and learn from them all whilst having a great time.  Nothing is better than the buzz of an event room!”

And that’s the bottom line

Coming out of the pandemic many events businesses will be focussing on gaining revenue and recovering financially. This focus on the bottom-line may have a domino effect on other parts of the value chain, as Taylor points out.

LT: “Recruitment is a big issue for the event, meeting and wider hospitality sector.  The collision of Brexit and Covid-19 has had a huge impact on our ability to recruit the right workforce.  This has a knock-on effect to budgets of course – for example with added bureaucracy in bringing international suppliers to the UK leading to rising event costs. 

“As we return to a live event platform, client budgets are also squeezed as they are creating event plans under the shadow of covid-nervousness, and so are wary of over-investing in these early months.”

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