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Room to grow

Cameron Roberts chats to Gemma Bassett, director of client services, HeadBox, about the business’s recent findings on sustainability

Sustain the chain

Cameron Roberts chats with Edward Poland about how working with the supply chain is vital for running a sustainable event

No plan b

Cameron Roberts analyses B Corp certification by speaking to businesses who have been through the ringer to be sustainable

The generation game

Robert Kenward provides a guide on recruiting and retaining Millennials, a critical segment of the event talent pool

Sustainable horizons

beam’s new sustainability director, Louisa Watson, says businesses – not consumers – must lead the way on sustainability

Lessons learned

Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX Group, tells Conference News about the organisation’s Green Squad and its sustainability impact

The personal touch

Robert Kenward Fitability® recruiter at YOU Search and Select and founder of The Hub.Jobs, discusses how personalisation should be top of the list for employers