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HTS: the glide path back to business

Julie Shorrock, managing director of Hotel and Travel Solutions (HTS), discusses how the pandemic has affected HTS and its plans for a post-Covid world.

The impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on HTS has been brutally devastating as it has to many other agencies in the same situation. Sadly we have watched our business levels drop by up to 80% with conference and events simply eradicated. HTS has continued to deliver a service to our clients’ key workers, sourcing places to stay across the very limited availability at hotels that have remained open. As a result we have had to scale back our business and as a direct impact of the pandemic we have lost over 50% of our employees.

Logistics and forecasting is the key to successfully planning for our business post-Covid. Reviving our business out of the pandemic after surviving the past 12 months is now paramount, we now need to start planning for the return of business travel and events.  We understand our clients have the needs, and the want to travel and run events again, the question is when? Operationally, we need to plan to be ready and to have the resources to service our clients as and when they return. However, with the financial impact of the past 12 months, the cost of recruitment needs to coincide with the return of business levels. The time frame to recruit and train has to be taken into consideration. If we recruit too soon, we will feel the financial consequences, but if we recruit too late we will be under resourced.

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The Government kickstart scheme will enable HTS to offer valuable employment now. Not only will it provide jobs to our industry colleagues who have fallen victim to the pandemic and getting them back into the industry sooner, it will enable HTS to provide sufficient and dedicated training to ensure we’re ready and confident to service our clients as soon as they start to return to business travel and events. Additionally, the kickstart scheme will attract new talent to our industry, extending the opportunity to many to join this great industry and experience what we do.

I believe it is enormously important to invest in young talent. Our young talent are our future. They bring with them a new perspective and by embracing their energy, and almost their naivety, they can become invaluable ingenuousness’s to the growth and development of your business. For me personally, there is nothing more rewarding than watching someone develop and achieve their full potential - especially within your own company.

I would also encourage other business owners in the field to embrace young talent. Unfortunately we have all had to scale back our businesses during the pandemic. I believe this is now an opportunity for business owners to offer valuable employment sooner and provide our fellow colleagues with the prospect to return to work sooner whilst preparing our businesses to be ready for the return of business travel and events.