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Fisher Productions: By Royal Appointment

Martin Fullard meets Philippa Bowers, MD at Fisher Productions, to talk about the agency’s growth, the future, and its Royal Warrant

Which services does Fisher Productions offer?

We are a full-service, creative production event agency. We take briefs from concepts to creation and then straight through into the full delivery. 

Through our sister companies, we can offer hire equipment, such as AV, sound, and lighting equipment, as well as a full staging range of capabilities from stage sets to, well you name it. I think our warehouse must be about size of two football fields.

Fisher has been around for 35 years and in that time, I presume its grown with the industry. How did Fisher start and what have you seen change over the period of you’ve been here for 15 years?

Fisher initially started as the lighting company. When I joined, the company was growing and accredited to a huge number of unique venues and museums in and around London. 

Clients were requesting more and more, and we organically grew into creative design and fused our technical production and expertise. 

We now produce more than 600 events a year in the UK and worldwide. We pride ourselves in understanding the personality of our clients and designing and creating unique and exquisite live experiences.  

We are so passionate about what we do and are always looking for the next challenge. We have built long term relationships with amazing clients who come back year after year. We really listen to our client’s ambitions and strive to create and deliver phenomenal events.

You have a Royal Warrant, that is some accolade! How do clients choose you?

The Royal Warrant is so important to us. It was granted to us in 2000 by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. 

Being the only event production company to be granted this prestigious accolade is a mark of excellence and quality. 

To keep Fisher ahead of the game, which factors do you see taking precedence in the industry at the moment?

We want to blow people away with fantastic events, therefore it’s important to keep ahead of the game. Sustainability is extremely important to us and we monitor this in all our events. 

Taking creative and smart new ideas to extraordinary places and merging them with innovative technology.  

What kind of skills and attributes do you look for in the ideal Fisher employee?

When people join the team, they become part of the Fisher family. They really love being with the people they work with, they love the diversity of the jobs that we do. They’re hungry, they’re passionate.

The average time people stay with us is about eight years. We see the training and development process as an important part of life for our employees but also make sure they know the voice of the brand.

On a broader scale, how do you think the UK events industry is performing at the moment?

I think people are still nervous about Brexit. It’s taking so long, and we still have no clarity. I think people are holding their purse strings tightly. However, a lot of people realise that they still have events to put on, so they’re carrying on as normal as best they can. 

At the same time, I think a lot of brands are not rushing, and looking to invest in events programmes, so they are still spending. 

Can you tell us about one of your favourite events?

Recently we undertook to run a private event out in Samora (I can’t say who!). It was such an enormous challenge. We had just eight weeks from start to finish, and it was for 850 guests over a four-day period. 

We had five events to produce, and 150 staff in total. But you’re in this industry because you love the challenge and you love the competitive nature. Above all else you love the experience. It went so well so we were really lucky to be a part of that.