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Day in the Life: Joanna Goddard

I joined the College Court [part of Leicester Conferences] team in 2013 prior to its opening, after having started my career in hospitality in 2006. 

My morning starts at 6am with an immediate read of venue handovers. It’s then all systems go as I try to get two boys out of the house by 7.30am, while grabbing at football bags and homework on our way out the door.

In the office for 8.30am the first thing I need is tea (always Yorkshire!). It is likely that a meeting of some sort will form part of my day. These meetings are really important as they are generally to discuss our service and product, ensuring it is consistently to a high standard. The customers are our priority and we are very passionate about ensuring they have the best possible experience with us. I genuinely believe it is the small things that are noticed; a personalised note or a guest’s favourite treats in their room.

In between meetings I am generally responding to emails and supporting the sales team. We regularly discuss enquiry levels, conversion, pipeline and strategy in order to identify new opportunities while brainstorming new ideas to maximise revenue and occupancy.

We celebrate our key successes as a team, no matter how big or small. This increases engagement, strengthens our teamwork and boosts motivation. This occasionally includes a conga down the corridor to celebrate…

Some days I am on the road visiting clients, the next day I may have a press release or a blog to write. An enjoyable part of my job is being able to network and share best practice with industry peers within our membership groups such as Venues of Excellence and Academic Venue Solutions. As an independent venue you feel as though you are part of a larger family.

I am always looking at innovative ideas to stand us apart from our competitors in order to drive the business forward. Social media is becoming my new favourite thing, regularly walking around College Court taking photos and videos of food, people and products. 

College Court has seen five years of success, and in 2015 we re-launched as Leicester Conferences, increasing our portfolio with additional venues. 

I have the benefit of working alongside some of the most passionate and dedicated people within the industry, enabling us to see our business and client base grow year on year. Five years has flown by, and I cannot wait to see where the next five will take us.