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Virtual events for the events industry: 27 March-22 April

Following last week’s list of virtual events and webinars, Mash Media highlights some new events to look out for over the coming weeks.

A listing is not an endorsement, and Mash Media accepts no responsibility for the content or any changes. Send your virtual event or webinar listing to Martin Fullard, editor, Conference News, on


Evessio has reworked its event software offering to host large-scale events like awards ceremonies.

Find out more here.


The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and the Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP) have been commisioned to create a survey to provide a snapshot of the current sentiment across the event industry.

Take the survey here.

27 March & 1 April 11am: EventMind

EventMind will welcome all from the events industry to its webinar at 11am, 27 March and 1 April. It will share how to create an action-based income plan that is relevant to eventprofs now, using current skills and resources.

Join the event here (27 March).

Join the event here (1 April).

31 March 1:30pm: The Delegate Wranglers

The Delegate Wranglers will be joined by Sam McNeill of SongDivision to discuss how music can keep people connected, balanced, happy and positive and much more, whilst creating a song with everybody who tunes in.

Join the event here.

31 March 2:45pm: Speakers Corner

Speakers Corner will be streaming a webinar at 2:45pm, 31 March. It aims to support businesses who are struggling with social isolation and health concerns, by encouraging a collective culture and resilience.

Join the event here.

1 April 11am: UFI

UFI presents UFI Connects, a way for event professionals to stay connected throughout the coronavirus crisis via a series of talks, webinars and panel sessions. This panel is on Empathy & Adaptability During Times of Crisis.

Join the event here.

1 April 2pm-3pm: Flume Sales Training

Flume will be running a webinar entitled 'Leading Sales Teams', giving advice on how to manage sales teams effectively when working remotely.

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1 April 6pm-7:30pm: ILEA

The International Live Events Association is hosting a virtual networking event, where event professionals can meet and connect using virtual avatars, via an iPad or virtual headset.

Join the event here.

1-30 April: NSC

The National Sales Conference are running a range of webinars to give sales teams tips on how to cope with the current circumstances.

Join the event here.

2 April 9am-12pm: Hire Space

Hire Space will be bringing together representatives from the event industry for a webinar to discuss how the event world is responding to the coronavirus.

Join the event here.

2 April 3pm: drpg

drpg is running a number of 'bitesize' talks on a range of topics for those in the event industry. This talk is on 'Leading in Disruptive Times'.

Join the event here.

2 April: NetworkTables

NetworkTables has set up NetworkTables Connect, an online community that facilitates virtual keynotes, roundtables and Ask Me Anything sessions. The first 15 sessions begin on 2 April, with more being scheduled weekly.

Join the event here.

2 April & 3 April: HBAA

The Hotel Booking Agents Association will be running Mental Health webinars for the travel, event and hospitality industry on topic digital detoxing (2 April) and self-care and well being (3 April). A later event on managing anxiety and stress will take place on 14 April, details TBA.

Join the event here (2 April).

Join the event here (3 April).

3-29 April: disguse

disguise has launched disguise OnDemand, an online hub for the events industry with online training running on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as other webinars and talks.

Join the event here.

7 April 2pm: Stress Matters

Stress Matters will be running a webinar called ‘Thrive from Home’, which aims to help event professionals learn strategies for reducing the overwhelm and practices to enable them to be present and focused when working from home.

Join the event here.

7 April & 21 April 4pm-5pm: EventWell

Discussing all things mental health, EventWell will host two webinars from 4pm-5pm, 7 April and 21 April. From managing event cancellations, to stressing the importance of sleep and sharing relaxation techniques.

Join the event here (7 April).

Join the event here (21 April).

8 April 12:30pm: IBTM Connect

IBTM will be running a webinar entitled 'How to Cope During Times of Unprecedented Change' where eventprofs can learn 'science-backed practices' to help them cope with stress and anxiety.

Join the event here.

9 April 10am: YEM

YourEventManager presents the YEM Innovative Lab webinar, 'How can we make the MICE industry more efficient?'.

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9 April 5pm: InGo

InGo will host a ‘The Event Virtualization Summit’ at 5pm, 9 April. The webinar aims to share knowledge about the best virtual and online solutions within the events industry. The presenters will have solutions will facilitate sponsorship, connect 1-1 meetings and more.

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14 April 6am-6pm: Global Meetings Industry Day

This full-day summit will be focused specifically on tools and skills relevant to moving forward during this Covid-19 pandemic. 

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15 April: Re-Imagine Events

The Re-Imagine Events hack-a-thon aims to facilitate discussion across the event industry about what the future of the industry will be.

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21-22 April 11am: Patch

Patch will launch a Virtually Live London event at 11am, 21-22 April. The virtual event aims to provide buyers working from home, an opportunity to see London venues, surrounding neighbourhoods and its transport links.

Join the event as a buyer or venue by emailing