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UK government not recommending cancelling large events

The UK government has released its action plan for dealing with the Covid-19 coronavirus.

UK health secretary Matt Hancock (pictured) says the government is currently not recommending that large-scale gatherings and events be cancelled – unless advised by Public Health England.

However, the action plan also states that if the disease “becomes established in the UK”, further measures may be necessary including school closure, home working and reducing large-scale gatherings.

Speaking to the BBC, minister Hancock said: “It will be a significant challenge for the NHS, for social care, for schools, for many businesses. And the message today is very clear. It’s that right now we do not need to do many of the heavy things that we’re talking about in the plan, but we’re also setting out this plan as transparently as we possibly can so people know the sorts of things that we might have to do in the future.”

Announcing the UK's coronavirus plan, prime minister Boris Johnson said: "I fully understand public concern about the global spread of the virus and it is highly likely we will see a growing number of UK cases. Keeping the UK safe is the government’s overriding priority.

"We will make sure the NHS gets all the support it needs. Our country remains extremely well prepared as it has been since the outbreak began several months ago."

VisitBritain has created an information hub, which UK eventprofs can check to find the latest information and advice. You can find it here.