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Financial support “misses the mark” for self-employed, says IPSE

The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) has said that the new business support announced 5 January “misses the mark” for the self-employed as it is designed for companies with premises. 

IPSE has urged the Government to work with business groups to plug the gaps in self-employed support and mitigate the “severe impact” of the new lockdown measures. 

Derek Cribb, CEO of IPSE, said there is “no doubt” the new lockdown measures will have a severe impact on the already struggling self-employed sector. He added that the schools closure is also likely to hit self-employed parents particularly hard, cutting into their working week.

“The new support package, aimed at businesses with premises, misses the mark and will do little to mitigate the financial damage to the self-employed sector,” he said. “After almost a year, there are still drastic gaps in the support available to the self-employed, with over 1.5m sole directors, newly self-employed people and others still excluded.”

Cribb added: “We urge the government to work with business groups to plug these gaps and get support to freelancers in need over the coming months. We are keen to work with government to find a solution and make this right.”