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Event feedback focuses on food

According to a survey by Lime Venue Portfolio, 45% of all event feedback is focused on food and beverage. The survey, part of the Beyond Food Report, questioned event organisers, including those in-house, from third-party agencies and freelance professionals.

The survey also showed that food was way ahead of the second place point of delegate feedback, ‘event content’, which equated to 27% of event feedback. ‘Location of the venue’ accounted for 18%.

Jo Austin, Sales Director, Lime Venue Portfolio, said: “The survey didn’t ask if the feedback was positive or negative, but what it does show is that food is universal, it’s something everyone is happy to have an opinion on, and something that, if we get right, can have huge bearing on the quality of the event.

“It very much depends on the event, but the survey proves that food is both a big outlay for the event, and also one that attracts the attention of the delegate. That’s why we need to get it absolutely right, and make sure it contributes to the event objectives, beyond just feeding the delegates."

Within the Beyond Food Report, the survey also established the importance of food within event production. It found that, in a pre-covid year, the majority (56%) of events would spend between 30%-40% of the event budget on food, with some (3%) of events spending over 70%.