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Wild and free

Wild and free

Jonny Edser, founder and MD of Wildgoose, says virtual team building has a part to play in reducing CO2 emissions.

At Wildgoose, we are responsible for delivering team-building events globally. Whether clients want a virtual, hybrid or an in-person approach, we have a range of activities that promote team engagement through challenges and tasks that get employees working together.

These activities include GPS challenges, virtual escape rooms, team quizzes, murder mysteries and themed activities such as survival and spy events.

Our activities are facilitated by remote hosts and delivered through our interactive app, Mobile Adventures. Teams can then use our app to engage in augmented reality challenges, track opposing teams’ scores and locate GPS hotspots when playing in-person events.

Help from hybrid

Our virtual and hybrid team-building activities help to reduce carbon emissions through remote-friendly delivery. Most people own a laptop, a smartphone and have access to the internet. With Covid-19 putting a stop to travel, the value in being able to connect through remote team building came into its full potential.

Even as we return to ‘normal’, teams can now connect in real-time online, rather than getting on a train or flying internationally to be together. While there is undoubtedly a desire from clients to see one another in-person, our virtual and hybrid events offer a genuine alternative for smaller and lower-cost get-togethers, which negates the need for long-distance travel and ultimately assists in reducing CO2 input.

While we do believe that virtual events provide a more sustainable offering, that doesn’t mean they’ll ever overrule in-person events. In fact, we are already proving that we can incorporate elements of virtual events to drive sustainability without having to compromise on in-person gatherings.

Finding a balance

For example, one of the ways we have achieved this is by having remote hosts facilitate all of our virtual, hybrid and in-person events. Participants are provided with a real-time video briefing by a member of our team before they set off on their activity. Whether it be an in-person GPS activity in London or a virtual escape room across the globe, a member of our team is there for support without having to get on a plane.

We have been able to adapt this concept further by using our technology to create our Multi-City solution. Wildgoose Multi-City allows international teams to play the same event in multiple locations at once. Rather than everyone travelling to one place, teams can be in their city and connect with teammates on the other side of the world through our app and flexible gameplay.

While we love the idea of virtual events becoming the norm, we also believe that technology will power more sustainable options that still allow for in-person connection.

The future of sustainable events is developing into something exciting using elements of virtual events to create seamless and engaging experiences.