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What’s the state of your assets?

Laura Capell-Abra, founder of Stress Matters, needs you to get your pen out and assess your state of mind.


We focus on our clients, we focus on making the event run as smoothly as possible, but how often do we focus on our teams? You will have heard that a happy team makes for an effective and profitable team. We always say that our team is our biggest asset but how much time do we spend looking after this big asset? Have you ever thought about their emotional and physical state? Well now is the time, so get your pen out.

Tick the boxes that apply to you/your team member:

  Regret being angry or short-tempered with others

  Feel like your emotions are getting the best of you? 

  Use alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to cope with stress 

  Have sleep problems (either sleep too much or not getting enough restful sleep)

  Feel like things are overwhelming or out of control? 

  Laugh or smile less than you used to?

  Yell, cry, or withdraw a lot?

  Feel sad, disappointed, or worried?

  Eat too much or too little when you are stressed? 

  Feel that you are not in control of your life?

  Have trouble letting go of things that are bothering you? 

  Blame yourself or think that nothing goes right? 


If you tick four or more boxes, it is likely that you, or they, are experiencing high levels of stress and need to assess what to do next.

Can you honestly say you know what is going on with your team?

From Stress Matters research, we know that 45% of the industry have never had any training. Those that had been trained were 33% less stressed. How can we expect our managers to spot threats to our most important assets if we don’t focus on giving them the skills they need?

Stress Matters has now partnered with Unique Venues of London to launch Mental Health First Aider workshops. One of the Stress Matters pledges is that management should be trained to provide basic emotional and stress management support, including the ability to identify and approach individuals that may be suffering from stress.  

Look after your assets and make sure each person knows how to look after them too.