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Turning water into bleach

By Julia Charles-Wiginton, MD, Julia Charles-Wiginton

Did you know that water can be a more effective cleaning agent than bleach? Now I’ve caught your attention, I will explain. Many venues are adopting products and practices that make them greener, and one area for consideration is the cleaning products they use and to ensure that they are as harmless to the environment as possible. A venue’s choice of cleaning products may not sound sexy to an organiser, but conference spaces have to be clean and the products used will impact on a venue’s sustainability credentials. The Meetings Industry Association (mia) has called for event buyers to ask about a venue’s overall sustainability credentials on an RFP but a venue cannot claim to be sustainable if it is pouring nasty chemicals into their drains every day and therefore into the water supply. 

I have found Tersano – it’s an amazing machine that turns cold water into a solution called Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO) by simply charging the water with another oxygen molecule. The SAO solution is still as harmless as water to us, but it is deadlier than bleach when it comes to tackling bacteria, germs and dirt. 

The SAO solution can be used in all cleaning processes – from mopping the floors, to cleaning bathrooms, tables, kitchens and even mirrors and glass. But then after 24 hours the SAO solution turns back into normal water and oxygen and can be safely tipped down the drain with no concern for pollution.

The SAO solution is created on site by a machine installed in the venue, so once the machine is delivered and installed; a venue can create their own cleaning solution daily – without the need to order and re-order cleaning products and the carbon footprint that a regular delivery creates. The spray bottles are reused and filled up each day on site, saving plastic waste too.

I really liked it for its environmental impact, but there are cost saving benefits too; imagine a venue cleaning team just using one simple cleaning product for all their cleaning jobs, with no to-ing and fro-ing back and forth to the cleaning trolley to change products they save time. Even a saving of just a few minutes a room adds up - a 100-bedroom venue would save around five hours a day. And whilst I don’t know what the average venue spends on cleaning products, I’m sure it’s not a small sum so the cost of the machine and the (recyclable) filters offers cost savings too.

I love the idea of this and I’d love to see a conference venue adopt it. It’s being used in a couple of hotel chains in the UK, but if your venue is interested in giving it a go, do get in touch with me via our website ( and I will arrange a trial for you.