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Top tips for embracing historical properties for your next meeting or event

By Michelle Clarke, senior events manager at Breadsall Priory Marriott Hotel & Country Club

You’ve been tasked with creating a memorable, yet productive meeting to ‘wow’ delegates and inspire positive business decisions. You’re not convinced the typical venue will do, so you book a period property with historic charm and stunning grounds.

Now, the challenge of embracing the venue’s historical qualities, while also offering contemporary comforts presents itself. How will you master blending the old and new to leave a lasting impression?

1. Embrace intimate meeting facilities

Typically, historical properties boast charming period features, along with intimate meeting spaces, lending itself to facilitate purposeful discussions. Large, open meeting spaces can sometimes be a distraction, whereas smaller spaces encourage delegates to focus on the task at hand. In addition, breakout spaces allow delegates to continue sessions in an intimate discussion-based environment.

Outdoor facilities serve as a welcome option in the summer months. The sunshine and change of scenery will give your guests a well-deserved break and a dose of vitamin D. After all, a breath of fresh air does the mind a world of good.

2. Modernise custom cuisine

Modifying cuisine is one of the easiest ways to give a period property a modern flare. Have your delegates hopped on the recent “superfood” health trend? Whip up “superfood” smoothies to get your delegates energised for the day ahead. Custom cuisine can add an element of fun, keeping delegates engaged until the very end.

3. Give scheduled breaks a historical flavour

 With a period property comes a wealth of history. There’s no better way to get under the surface of today’s hotel than to host a ghost walk of the property and its grounds. This is designed to break up the day and keep the delegates engaged.