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Left it late to book the Christmas party? All is not lost...

By Dan Elliott, National Sales Manager at Center Parcs

DEWith Christmas less than a month away, you may well have left it late to book your company Christmas party. If you’re struggling to find the right solution to suit your team or a venue that has availability, don’t worry – there’s still time to book a festive celebration that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Here are some tips to address your biggest Christmas party dilemmas…


Problem: “I’m struggling to find something to please everybody!”

Solution: The traditional workplace has evolved and so has the notion of the one size fits all Christmas party.  Widen your search to a venue that incorporates a variety of activities; you could start the festivities off with an afternoon of teambuilding or bowling that benefits the early birds, followed by a traditional evening party that suits the night owls.

Problem: “I’ve left it too late to find accommodation nearby!”

Solution: Opt for venues that have their own onsite accommodation and kill two birds with one stone. We offer event packages that incorporate accommodation options, so it’s always worth asking the question to streamline costs with a wider package. Alternatively, many venues have partnerships with local hotels so may be able to recommend a place to stay!

Problem: “I can’t find an available venue near the office!”

Solution: Rushing from the office to the venue doesn’t make for the most relaxing of experiences – desk to dancefloor is never as easy as it sounds! Treat your team to a real getaway for the chance to wind down and refresh after a busy year. You could even consider an offsite event that incorporates an end of year meeting to justify the added time out of the office, giving everyone a break from the day-to-day surroundings while adding a productive element where necessary.

And for the homebirds, ‘getaway’ doesn’t have to mean venturing far – Woburn Forest is only an hour out of London!

Problem: “My team aren’t motivated to come along!”

Solution: The stock format for Christmas parties has lost its appeal, with not everyone eager to jump on the bandwagon of overindulgence and potential embarrassing moments in front of colleagues! There is so much opportunity now to create a celebratory event that rewards and motivates staff, giving them well-earned time to destress and wind down. Take the time to think about your colleagues’ wishes and their interests, get feedback from previous years and adjust accordingly for a Christmas party that will be firmly in everyone’s diaries!