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How to arrange the perfect banquet with De Vere

De Vere provides top tips on how to arrange an ideal corporate dinner

Good food, drink and conversation is the ideal recipe for a corporate dinner. Whatever the occasion, whether it’s an intimate private dinner, a corporate banquet, or a black-tie event, a dinner is the perfect way to create a memorable night.

But the pressure to host a successful event can be a daunting task. To take the pressure off, De Vere has shared its top tips to help you create the perfect banquet.

Choosing your venue

Career Cast placed the role of event coordinator as the 6th most stressful job of 2019. However, you don’t need to put all the pressure on yourself. Choosing a venue with a dedicated events team allows you to share the organisation.

Your budget, dinner party size and space requirements are also key when selecting a venue, so visit multiple venues to ensure you find the right space for your event.

Speak to the team to see how they can make their venue perfect for you and come up with creative ways to make a large event space appear more intimate.

If you want to create an event with a sense of grandeur, choose an historic venue with unique character and striking features. Alternatively, a blank canvas space gives you the freedom to make a space your own with striking lighting and styling and impressive visuals using state-of-the-art technology.

Go outside

Depending on the time of year, why not consider dining al fresco? According to TIME Magazine, spending just 20 minutes outdoors is enough to improve wellbeing.

Natasha Milican-Lee, conference and event sales assistant manager, De Vere Cotswold Water Park, commented: “At De Vere Cotswold Water Park, the views of our own private lake create the perfect backdrop for an event. With this in mind we believe it’s important to incorporate the great outdoors into everything we do inside. 

“Our Mallard Suite has floor to ceiling windows and we always ensure the curtains are left open so that guests can clearly admire what our beautiful location has to offer.”

Food for thought

Research by Cvent showed that 74% of event planners said that diverse culinary offerings were important when selecting a venue. Eating healthier and becoming more aware of sustainability is becoming increasingly important.

To reflect this, De Vere’s Group nutritionist, Wendy Martinson OBE, has worked with the team to devise menus including a variety of well-balanced dishes which are full of nutrients.

Create a lasting impression

You want to stand out and create a lasting impression so that your dinner is remembered by your guests. This can easily be done by choosing a truly iconic venue.

Nowadays, guests are always looking for that photo-rich opportunity so they can share their experience on social media apps, such as Instagram. With 1 billion users accessing Instagram every month and 50% of users scrolling the app daily, you need to style your event to impress your attendees as well as their followers.

It can be as simple as adding beautiful flower arrangements and well-placed candles on the table for a warming ambience.

Style it out

Look at your location and think about the aesthetic and ambience you would like to create for the evening.

Adding a theme can make your event more memorable, so choose a venue that will suit your theme and decorations. 

Standing out from the crowd and creating an impressive banquet doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With careful planning, focusing on the finer details, and choosing a venue with the right team to help you along the way, you can create an impressive event and even get to enjoy the celebrations yourself with your guests.